Can't login to setup -

version: phpalbum

I know my correct user name adn psd. When I try to login here:


Nothing happens. It just keeps showing me the photo page and the login area up top every time I try to input psd.

Any suggestions? Just for kicks I did this:

For reseting your password to "admin" you have to do following:

1) go to your data directory
2) find there the file album_user.php and open it
3) find your user record in array where 'name' => 'Your username'
4) you'll see there also the password with encrypted password
5) change that line to 'password' => '21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3',
6) save the file and try to login with your username and password: admin
7) chmod that file to 666, so phpAlbum can write it.

Everything else works like it should... Only problem. Can't login.

I created a "test" new user account:


That worked fine and logged me in... apparently no admin access only.


Just noticed album_new_comments.php & album_comments_1000.php are huge; many megabytes.

Would that have anything to do with it? It's all spam porn & pills comments. What's the best way to delete all that? What has to stay in the file for it to work?

I also downloaded the latest version of phpadmin and uploaded/overwrote all the files in my install.

So I am guessing it has something to do with my data directory?


So it's looking like part of my login form might be missing? Where would that go? How would I restore if that's the issue?




Does the developer offer support anymore? If not here paid?

The forummust also benefit

The forummust also benefit from the users who can give tips and hints. Patrik (the developer) is, as far as I know, a man who does this (developing PA) beides his regular job. And because it's a free program I think he let's his job getting priority.

But can you give a link to your site so someone could check. Otherwise the ones who want to help are dancing in the dark because they have to guess what could be wrong.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on


Here's my site:

getting a new problem. I moved phpalbum to a new server. The day I move it all the photo descriptions show up. The next day they are gone. If I reupload, they show back up, next day gone.

Have you considered doing a

Have you considered doing a new install and upload the pictures again?

I looked at your album and it's a huge job uploading the pictures but I think then you can enter the setup and you can change the album to your wishes.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on


I'd love to do that, but i have 100's of pictures with descriptions... Is there a way to import everything...

I still don't know why this issue happened tho. It may just happen again...

Changed anything..

Bunch of spam here, but wondering if you got it fixed.
Have you changed anything just before you could'nt login anymore?

If moving to another server, I recommend just backing up your files, reinstall trough phpAlbum installer, and reupload your files. You can also back up some of your settings, found in the dataXXXXXXXX folder.

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