Shadow not OK on image but OK on thumbnail

I'm using phpAlbum on different servers.

The only difference for the gd lib I can see is:
On server1 - FreeType Version 2.1.9 - all is working well
On server2 - FreeType Version 2.2.1 - there are some issues

The issue is that the tumbnails seem to have the shadow around the image OK,
but the images themselves (original as well as resized) just show a black border.
For a live demo you can take a look at
If you need phpinfo :

It used to work fine so I'm not really sure what went wrong.
Problem is that I don't own this server and can't fiddle with the gd-lib.
Any hints would be really appreciated.


When I take a look I don't

When I take a look I don't see any shadow at all

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

I'll turn it back on

Yes I turned it off because it didn't look very nice. I'll turn it back on. ... Now it also seems to fail on the thumbnails.

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