No resized pictures / thumbnails

I have the same problem as reported already by many other users:
I installed phpalbum without installer, did all the recommended setting and loaded some jpg.files using ftpclient cyberduck ( because the upload manager did not work properly ).
But I can not see any thumbnails or resized pictures. Only originals are shown.
I am using webspace on a providers server ( )
I already checked phpinfo:
jpg support in GD seems to be enabled.
I gave nearly all directories and php-files rwxrwxrwx-permissions, but all this did not solve the problem.
Because I do not want to change / destroy any scripts or settings I rather like to ask, if anyone knows, what is wrong.
link to my album:

Thanks !

...>> after reading some more posts, I tried to load a smaller jpg. this one works, so it seems to be the original image/file-size that causes the problem like reported in FAQs. Where can I find the exact imagesize possible to handle ?

Thanks !

Hi, maximum possible image


maximum possible image size depends on the memory limit of your PHP. Let say your original pictures are 6MPix ... this means PHP needs something like 6MPix x 4 Bytes = 24MByte. As PHP needs some more memory to load code, variables and so on ... i think for 6MPix you will need something like 26-30 MB memory limit.



You are right that it is caused by the PHP memory size set in the PHP.ini.

I worked around this by adding the following line in the main.php file as the first executed line of code:

ini_set('memory_limit', '64M');

I found this new memory size works for all the large pictures from most high end cameras.

Good luck.

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