First of all, thanks a lot for the great code! Not often quality like this is for free.

My question is, will it (or is it) possibel to upload documents exactually the same way as pictures. I would like a document folder next to the picturefolders



actually yes, first easiest

actually yes, first easiest but not very comfortable possibility is to put for each document like for example:


in the same directory screenshot of this document (must not be screenshot, it can be also word icon or so ) with following name:

and so on ..

this will be then automatically visible and after clicking on the thumbnail of this pic you can download the document.


second possibility which would be comfortable but not so easy to implement is to change main.php

there you can find how are video and audio files ( search for "AVI" ) managed, the same way you could manage doc, pdf or other types of files....

i will try to make this easier in the next version...


images,texts,videos,PDFs, DOCs, HTMLs, same folder

Hello I am Brazilian and participate of forum on alternative Energy in yahoo groups to some time behind the sessions in the lost group was sine and service was unavailable for some time.
I decided to make one backup of the material that we have per 2 years of studies 300 participants
I tried diverse tools for this and I adored phpAlbum there is simple, objective, self-sufficient, ligth and pretty.
About the beginning I thought about making separate sections for images, texts, videos, PDFs, DOCs, HTMLs, Links etc… but what he verified himself and that if possible to place in one same folder all these archives would be very good.
Consulting phpAlbum Forum in
I am programmer but I know little of php I am initiating only
I elaborated the similar functions is_movie is_audio is_image as is_doc is_pdf is_html is_link is_txt
But not yet sucess to integrate
I observed them that the solution to the same place an image with name of the archive as canon350D.pdf.jpg when click the download initiate
I would like that the archive was opened in a window would like please that helps myself
in this elaboration and that the idea was written down thus if I not to sucess implement in a next version perhaps can be available

OK thanks

Thanks a lot, I'll take a look at it.

I'm pretty noobish. How do I make a screenshot of a document?


Figured it out

I figured it out. Print screen of course and then paste in photoshop. It works great!

Thanks again.


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