Can not connect to Upload Manager.


I have currently set up PHPAlbum on a website I'm building for a 3rd-party, as a way for her to preview her art on the internet.

The script is great, and I've had no troubles setting it up.

And I can upload photos using an FTP Program (SmartFTP) no troubles...

However, since the 3rd-party will eventually want to add more photos than just the ones I'm uploading now, and she is far from computer savvy, she needs to be able to upload the photos in a simple way... Preferably with the upload manager.

Here is the problem - I can't sign into the upload manager at all.

"Unable to connect to the server"

I know the login and password I'm using is correct... And the FTP-Module for PHP is enabled on my host - I contacted them to make sure.

Any ideas?

All help would be greatly appreciated.


Nothing? Really? I don't

Nothing? Really? I don't mean to be persistent, and bump my own thread, but it's kind of important.

Did you set the rights of

Did you set the rights of your upload folder to the right value.
And are you sure you use the right password. You must use the password that is required for you to upload files with an external ftp programm. Or a special created login/password which must be also 'introduced' to you website setup at your server.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

Try to use localhost instead

Try to use localhost instead of in your FTP-Server Setting in Main-Setup. This should help. For some reason DNS-Lookup does not work on servers of some providers.


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