Showing pictures for directories instead of folder icon.

thumbnail for directories without pictures

Let's say you have a directory which only contains folders, but no loose pictures. Then it will automatically display the folder icon.

Is there a way to make this directory display the first thumbnail from the first subdirectory which contains pictures?

This i am going to do in the

This i am going to do in the new version, but no idea what to do if there are no pictures at all ... other thing i wanted to do is instead of one picture thumbnail a thumbnail containing four pictures of the directory, of course everything configurable ...

if anyone has time to do what you proposed, pleas do it an you can post it here :)


For all folders

I'd like to use a file like folder_icon.gif

This also works for borders.

This also works for borders. How can we get them to thumbnail smaller

It worked in my Theme

I got this to work for my theme - a modified Borders theme.

My phpAlbum Gallery:

This is a great piece of info!

thats great! but whats with

thats great!
but whats with those dirs that are secured by password.
there has to be a kind of dummy picture....

passwords and showing thumbnail

That's a good question JJ, I hven't tried to password protect a directory yet.

yes, this is a good point.

yes, this is a good point. This could be possibly managed with the variable $dir_logo_path. This is normally used for displaying specific logo if passworded, new or normal directory. If it is passworded then you could display some dummy image.
In new version it is no problem as directories where you have no acces wont be displayed at all ...


HI Patrik, is there a

HI Patrik,

is there a possibilitry to do something like this:

if(isset($ss[1][0]) && ($dir.password)!)

(this is just a example with kind of c++ syntax :)
i dont know the variable where you store the password(or a flag that says that the dir is passworded), but if this variable is empty then he goes to the else part and shows the default dir picture

when will new version come

when will new version come out? i like having picture instead of icon for directory but i have password folders and it doesn't work that well...

Next weekend. May be this

Next weekend. May be this will be not perfect and will not have all features i wanted implement, but it will be much better then the old one. And new functions will be developed much faster.

give file to show as thumb for gallery?

Is there a way of telling the sript to use a particular file rather than telling it to use the first image in the directory?

It seems no matter how I arrange the order of images in a directory I can't get the main image to change?

You can put that file in the

You can put that file in the specified directory. Then select it for using it as directory logo, and deselect its visibilty to be invisible. In that way it will not be visible as a picture in that directory but it will be used for thumbnail.


sorry, i just saw you are

sorry, i just saw you are talking about the older version not the beta.
You could change the script so that it will always take some specific file, like dir_logo.jpg instead of the first picture in the folder.

image -logo

I'll wait until the final version comes out. I managed to get most of the thumbnails on the main page the same size - I just name the image 0001.jpg so it uses this image as the thumbnail.

last added image

hi, I found this feature very usefull as I am going to migrate from my photoblog soft to phpAlbum script, so to show dynamic changes inside albums somehow I would appreciate to have thumb of last image (instead of first image) showed in main view, could you help me with this?


This is indeed a nice

This is indeed a nice feature that has to be in the next version of this Album.
Will try to use the code for the moment (beta 2).

edit: It works.. thanx :)

This is already implemented

This is already implemented in the new Beta :)

Have a nice Day!

The beta(3?) that is not

The beta(3?) that is not released at the moment you mean?

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