Descriptions gone after uploading

I’m using an offline version of phpalbum version 0.4.1-14_fix06 (on a virtual server on my pc) for developing.
I added descriptions (offline) for many photos (around 1.200), I don’t use IPTC for the pics, because I added some html code to the descriptions.
I uploaded the whole phpalbum folder to my server and everything worked fine.

But every time, when I click on "Scan directories now!" all of my description are gone.
It seems, that the timestamp (file_time) seems something to do with it. I guess that the time/date of the uploaded pictures changed somehow.

Is there a possibility to fix that kind of problem? Maybe switch off the timestamp function that checks if a pictures is new? Everything would help. I don’t want to add all the descriptions again.

Please help, thanks.