image name config

hello every one...

does anyone here know how to configure the image name on the Home page. I want to display the chosen name that i give on the short description but it displays the file name.. on the imageview i see the changes but when i go to the home page, it display the file name


* i upload a picture. the name is "picme.jpg"

* so i rename it on short description "my picture"

* then i put on the long description "this is my picture"

* then save it.

---now when i view the picture itself... on the name i can see the short description "my picture" but when i go to the home page it display the "picme.jpg"..

---how can i make the name "picme,jpg" on the home page look like the name "my picture"

you can view it here..

hope you can help me ... thanks in advance...