replace directory folder icon with a thumbnail

I am really liking this program... I am slowly learning how to play with the code.

One part I can't figure out how to do is:

when viewing the list of directories, or the list of galleries
a folder icon is displayed
i would like to replace this folder icon
with a thumbnail
from the first image in that directory or gallery

I read the information posted here "code for actual directory name or other alternative" but I can't figure it out.

Do you think you could post the code for the complete dir.tpl.php file with these changes? I am sorry for not being able to do it myself... I tried but I am still a beginner.

Thanks so much.


I am using the "flowing dark" theme if that matters.

Look here. If this doesn't

Look here.
If this doesn't help, just don't hesitate to ask ... but i saw alredy some albums done like this.


Greetings Patrik-

ok. i see you are beginner

ok. i see you are beginner in php. I will make a dir.tpl.php for you , and may be this will be usable for others too. But you will have to wait a little bit ( but less then 24hrs for sure )

Anyway this feature comes out of box in the new version which comes hopefully in a month or so ...

yes i am a beginner :) i

yes i am a beginner :)

i tried to substitute the code from the link in some different ways but i only got broken links.

i appreciate your help! very excited to see if this can work.

thanks again.

Just posted : Showing

Just posted :
Showing pictures for directories instead of folder icon.

Hope this helps you.


merci Patrik

thanks for helping me out...

it works perfectly :)

you are the man

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