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It's been a while that

var3 - found the solution

Man this is great. Works

Man this is great. Works like a charm. I guessed there would be some logical way to get the value of &var3, but how to do that was totally behind me.
If you use quality links those interfere though. After changing quality on the thumbview, the prev/next links still transport the &var3 but the image does not. On imageview neither of them do. If you want to have a look the site's adress is, the continental/aussen folder has got more than one page in its album.
Haven't found out how to change that yet because you can't just add the &var3 to the quality links in the same way you do with prev/next links, or I'm inserting it wrong.

I just noticed another

I just noticed another problem with it. The view counter appears to stop working at least when the second page is reached.

Hi, well, yes, I must admit,

well, yes, I must admit, that I switched off the view counter and the quality settings for my album, so I never "reached" that problem. Sorry. :(
Visited your site and it seems, you didn’t solved the problem?
If you like, please see my album at
Phpalbum starts, when you click on "design" or "art".

I haven't taken a deeper

I haven't taken a deeper look so far, but everything php is usually way beyond my abilities anyway. Don't want to get rid of the counter and quality links though as I quite like them, I'd probably get rather rid of the back to correct page part but that I also find too neat. Well, if I find a solution I'm going to post it here.
Nice site btw, it's really amazing how customizable phpalbum is. I had a quick look at gallery2 before and it just turned me off, too much stuff I didn't need and a pain to customize.

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