Subdirectories don't seem to be working


I'm new to phpAlbum so I just needed some pointers getting setup.

I installed and configured it fine, I changed the theme without issue. I uploaded some images and got them to show.

Then I decided to create some subdirectories which I will eventually use for seperating images. I seperated the images into the files leaving my photo directory with two folders. However when I view it on my site there are still images showing on the page where I just want the subdirectories

How can I set it up so that I have the image for the sub directory is the only image showing at that level.

website is -

Images are test images

Many Thanks

Check if you have set the

Check if you have set the option show newest pictures to '0'(zero) in the galleries setup.
This will leave you with a page only showing the folders.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

Thank You

Hi Joep

Not sure what I had done, I wasn't able to access the main/index page through the admin pages so I just started from scratch and it's now working perfectly as expected, I'll be sure to check that setting in future as I may have inadvertently changed it



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