Problems my Phpalbum, HELP PLZ! T_T

Greeting, i'm new in this forum. I've created a photo gallery for a webpage that I have under construction. But I have a problem, when i add a description for a photo and then I click on "save settings" it won't get saved, all fields remains empty.

Also it don't show photo's parameters, it only shows name, size, date/time and dimension.

Hope you can help me, thankyou so much!

My Gallery:


I was trying to install phpalbum but after the steps i get an error message "You are not allowed view this page or download this image!". What did i do wrong?

@merlin22: why do you ask a

@merlin22: why do you ask a question in a thread that doesn't relate to your question

@dragonl: Did you have the permissions set right? And for the options, did you check the right boxes in the setup?
Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

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