wrong path: css/layout/pictures in main setup not loading/showing

Dear all,
After playing around with my setup settings, the setup menu does no longer show pics nor css-layout. quite annoying when e.g. setting the properties for group privileges. Links are just being standardly displayed: blue and underlined (purple if visited) instead of green (enabled) and red (disabled).

When I check the properties of the non-displayed menu pics, it shows the following path: mywebsite.com/res/logo_setup.png, which actually should be mywebsite.com/phpAlbum/res/logo_setup.png. I pretty sure the same thing happened with the css path.

Could it possible have to do with my album directory:

which I can't change by the way. Then it returns to the photoalbum and says there:
"You are not allowed view this page or download this image!"

So my album directory is not within phpAlbum could that be the problem? Is that path also used for other referrals (but the album directory)?

Any help appreciated! Thanks...

I think it's the problem

I think it's the problem that your album directory is outside your phpALbum directory. I believe phpAlbum uses paths related to the root directory of phpAlbum instead of absolute paths.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

"You are not allowed view this page or download this image!"

Thanks Joep. That's also the only thing I can think of, but can't check/change it, as I'm unable to modify the album directory:
"You are not allowed view this page or download this image!"

Have you got any clue? Or anbody?

still no pics and layout being displayed

I'm only able to change it to the inital directory, which has been created in an earlier stage (installation I guess): phpAlbum/data_531detc. But that doesn't do the job. Neither altering the "FTP Photo Directory" and the "logo file path" to a path within phpAlbum.


I just reinstalled (had a back up on my harddisk), in which the paths seem to be the same as they were, except for the fact that it does work. So something else must have been the problem. I'll just keep on making back-ups!

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