Help album_*.php and table_*.lck are all showing in the main photo directory

I probably had some kind of settings wrong.
But numerous configuration files, etc... are showing up in my main Directory Album.
Anyway I can move them out so it does not show or some setting I am missing.

When I tried to delete them, I lose all settings and I have to setup again.

Please help and thanks,

You must choose different

You must choose different directories for your pictures(photos-directory) and for your data(data-directory).

Configuration Problem

The same is happening to me with multiple php and lck files are being generated in my root photos directory. I can see where the Photos directory is specified and this works since my photos are being catalogued, but I don't see where the data directory is specified.

Please advise where the data directory is speciffied.


OK, I've found it. The cache file is configured in the setup, while the data file is specified in the config.php file. I think the confusion arose in identifying what the data file is and isn't and what the Album file is. I thought originally during setup that the data file was the place where my album was to live. WRONG!!! My album is specified in the setup! Problem resolved.!!!

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