help modifying the layout of the directory links

I am trying to modify the flowing dark template

on the photo album when looking at the directories where it lists what is available for people to view etc they click a directory name and it opens all the thumbnails etc

well the directory names and descriptions seem to be listed down the left hand side one after the other

i would like to list them 3 accross and x down rather than 1 accross and x down

if anyone can help please email me

also for any other problems anyone is having regarding integrating with your site or other things email me i might be able to help

check out my gallery on my site to see how i have had it modified it to fit exactly with my site



i have a picture of how i wish it to look but couldnt see any way of attaching it to my post

you can not attache

you can not attache pictures, you can send it to me at support(at)

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