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Basically, I found this site that has a cool thing:
That table on the front with text,links and a photo, instead of thumbnails and an album. I'd like to know how this person achieved this effect and apply it to my own gallery.

Perhaps the owner places

Perhaps the owner places these pictures in the folder and used it as a folder-picture (by clicking in the setup menu on pictures and mark the picture as directory-logo and uncheck the visible button)
Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

Well, I meant on the right,

Well, I meant on the right, not the directories on the left. With the cute characters and the intro text to the gallery and what not.

Sorry, I wasn't quite

...Now I feel silly. I was

...Now I feel silly. I was looking through coding and what not XD Who knew there was a simpler answer.
Thank you!

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