some pictures will not load

The Thumbs seem to generate perfectly and almost everything so far has worked very well. I LOVE this software!

On little problem I am running into happens after the thumbs have generated and I try to view the details of a single picture. On the single picture page, some picture load and some do not.

Any ideas why a picture would be able to make a thumb on the gallery page and be displayed in the origional size on the single pictures page, but not in a reduced size on the single pictures page?

I don't know what specifically makes a picture work or not work. I did play with the filename and album name, neither seems to make a difference.

Could you post a link to

Could you post a link to your site, perhaps with a link to the picture which is giving problems.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on


The Alexis pictures are the ones that will not load. The pictures in the other two categories will load. I did notice that the pictures in the Alexis folder are larger but I don't know why that would make a difference if it makes thumbs successfully. I will play around with putting more large pictures and see if it is consistant.


I have played with more

I have played with more large pictures (but slightly smaller then the alexis pictures). My new folder called Hazelnut will not even load thumbs.

Any Ideas??


perhaps it has to do with

perhaps it has to do with memory problems on the server.
Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

My server has plenty of

My server has plenty of memory, most is unused. Can I do something that will allow phpalbum to use more of the memory.

There are, on most servers,

There are, on most servers, limitations to the memory size of the pictures to be processed by GD2 or other image handling software.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

wouldn't the software

wouldn't the software experience the same limitation on the creating of thumbnails and the display of a single picture. I am experiencing more "works on some and not others" issues. Now I cannot even make thumbs in some of the galleries. The pictures in the galleries that will not display pictures are smaller then the Alexis gallery where the thumbs do work.

Any ideas?


ADDED: I am using the newest xampp. Has anyone experienced this problem?

Tried on a different server

I tried the same software and setup on a different server and had the Exact Same results with the same files. The new server is a Fedora Core server on a different (more powerful) computer.

So, the problem is either with my configuration or something about the pictures themselves that is making them not work.

Any ideas are welcome.


These are all .jpg files and can be viewed and downloaded when set to 'original'

I also just tried with a fresh install of phpalbum, leading me to believe that the problem is not with my configuration, but with the pictures themselves and seem to follow an odd pattern relative to size.

Small pictures: <500k work fine
Medium pictures: 1-2m will not make thumbs or disp single pic
Large pictures: 2m+ will make thumbs, but not display single pictures.

What restrictions could cause this issue (on two different servers) and is there any setting I could tweak to allow the use of more resources, other then php.ini which I already modified.


Problem Solved.

Thanks Joep

So the problem was in the php.ini

I had read some other posts that suggested raising it to 32m or even higher. Well I had to go WAY higher. I finally went up to 128MB and it worked.

I know that using files this large puts a HUGE strain on my server, but this is exactly what I wanted to be able to display/host my pictures in the original state.

Thank again Joep, are you affiliated witht he software creation at all?

jpg size

Yes, that is the corrective action. In reading on the net, there are two issues to keep in mind. The resolution and the overall size of the jpg file. Either one will cause problems that requires that the memory limit be higher. The magic number on resolution is higher than 3648 x 2736.
You can also put a line at the top of main.php

ini_set('memory_limit', '128M');

This will change the memory limit without changing php.ini. You need to make sure the web host svc will allow this.

By the way: stay away from justhost dot com. They cater to amateur sites with no phone support and no chat support that is worthwhile.

Also, Firefox does caching that is not always friendly to phpAlbum.





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