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Hello Partik,

If I want to add advertisements then how do I do.....Like some flash add at the right panel of the PhpAlbum and some moving ads also plz help me out

You can just edit

You can just edit album.tpl.php and imageview.tpl.php if you want to add some HTML to your album. It does not matter if you show there some ads or Flash, just do not touch the PHP in it if you do not know what are you doing.



Ya I got the files but I want to know that if I want the ads on the right panel of the phpAlbum then how and what code do I write and where....for

> flash object,
> moving (marquee)
> simple images ad

No examples here. Sorry. You

No examples here. Sorry. You have to use "try and error". But if you are familiar with HTML it should be no problem, and you probably have to be, otherwise I do not know how you want to add that things on any page.


As in your website how you set "Ads by Google" same as this I want on phpalbum plz tell me the strat fwd reply frm which I can directly add advertisements on my have pay very excited item for us so why you are not going to tell me the code for adding advertisement........plz tell me the code for flash, image and marquee ads......same as right side of the page as in your site


I think Lovechallenges that you are barking up the wrong tree. What you want in itself has nothing to do with phpAlbum anymore, but with website coding. However with regard to google ads it sgould not be so hard since google generates the code that you have to put in your webpage when you sign up for their Adsense program.
With regard to Marquee: just a search in google gives you many examples. How about this one:

Your slide-in text goes here

But seriously, this has nothing to do with phpAlbum anymore and you might as well ask it at any forum for that matter.

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