Help me please

I don't see the photo on my gallerie


he are on the server but i don't see online




Actually, I can see photos,

Actually, I can see photos, it looks like you have many directories which has no photos, but for instance the directory

Foto :: 2009 :: 02 - Febbraio :: Foto di Giovanna da Roma

has some pictures there ...

on server i have many photos

on server i have many photos in this directories...
but now i don't see nothing...

i have add my google ad sense and now i don't look nothing but on other gallery i look all

i have work the same on the two gallery...

perhaps the gallery don't supportes many photos?

sorry for my english

running linix and apache

I am having trouble getting this puppy to run in linix. Right now it looks like the gd configuration because thumbnails are not being created or put into cache. Works great in IIS xp sp 2. Using php 5.2.8. The application sees and can write to all of the folder correctly.

Are there any specific settings I need to make sure the isp is setting up for me.



I want to cancel php album from my site. how do I do?

I want to cancel php album from my site. how do I do?

just delete the

just delete the files?

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

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