works on my computer by not on my new isp web site
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I'm realllly frustrated. The host is "". I set it up under a subdomain. They tell me after much time that the file security needs to be 755 and they are running appachie and run suEXEC. See their msg to me below.

Do you know what GD is? (see below)

Email msg to me:
We have GD installed on your server.
But none of PHP script will work if you set up "777" permissions for your folders because your server is running with suEXEC.
They should be "755".
This is possible the main reason of your issue.
I would recommend you to contact script's developers and ask them if that PHP software can work with suEXEC.

It works find on my xpsp2 system both modified and unmodified.

I need help here - do I need a new ISP?



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GD2 is very important to any album script, it is a Graphics library used to manipulate pictures, like creating thumbnails and so on ...

755 is ok for data and cache directory, but it has to be owned by the user under which PHP(Apache) is running i.e. wwwrun or httpd or apache depending on system and configuration. I think if they manage to change the owner of the two directories it would work. phpAlbum script has to be able to write to this two directories and create new files in it.