phpAlbum v0.2.3 released !!


today i have released new version of phpAlbum.

There are few bug fixies, and added new features.

  • long description of Gallery/ Directory
  • short and long description of Photos. Under thumbnails is only short one displayed.
  • for setting up the directory and phots descriptions, click on the directory link in Setup / Directories

I hope you will like it, so DOWNLOAD it and try it ...

Remark for update from v0.2.2: unfortunately , the data file names for directory settings is changed, now there is no photos_XY in the file name,so old short descriptions of dirs and password are not aviable. But now you can also setup the main directory, so password is possible for hole album.

Data file format in data dir for directory gallery1:

Before: photo_gallery1.dat
Now: _gallery1_.dat.

So if you rename all files like this, you don't have to retype the short descriptions of dirs and passwords. But if you have not many of these, you have nothing to do, just upload new version and that's it.

Have a nice day!