Image display problem - readfile() disabled

Hi, welcom on board :)

Hi, welcom on board :)

so, regarding your problem, i never seen this before, i mean that the readfile function is disabled. The problem is that this is not the only place where readfile is used.
I hope you are not a php-newbie :) , so the workaround would be to use the code you can see there just before readfile. only the parameter for fopen should be changed to $album_dir.$var1
You could also build your own readfile ... like my_readfile doing this job and replace readfile everywhere by my_readfile.

If you are newbie to php, i could take some time to prepare it to you, but not earlier as in 24-48 hrs, today is playing Canada vs. Slovakia in Ice Hockey WM :) so ... GO SLOVAKIA GO! :)

Hi, one more time :)

Hi, one more time :)

just did it, not very much tested but it should work. I attached zipped new main.php to your post ( i can't do it to my post ) so download it and replace your main.php with that one. Hope this works for you!


btw. your site is very well done :)

Thank you very much Patrik -

Thank you very much Patrik - it works!

"your site is very well done"
It´s no big deal. Only some changes of the default css and html to fit my needs (I don´t like layouts with so many tables).

But I must say, your script is super. I´ve tested many others and your phpAlbum is the best. Simple to use and functionally.

Thanks again for your (very fast) support, Evita

The reason I ask is that in

The reason I ask is that in my database I have two fields that make up the URL for the image. One I call Path and the other is Filename. On page 469, you use eval to obtain the ImageUrl, (which has the complete image URL in it. In mine, I have to string together eval("Path") and eval("Filename") and then I can assign them to the ImageUrl property of the Image control.

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