Phantom Blank Directories

Every few days I've noticed that there are a bunch of blank galleries added to my album. None of them have names. This is what it looks like in my album_directory.php:

6 =>
array (
'path' => '/' . "\0" . '\'/',
'password' => '',
'desc' => '',
'long_desc' => '',
'alias' => '',
'sorting' => 'default',
'visibility' => 'true',
'view_count' => '0',
'vote_count' => '0',
'vote_avg' => '0',
'comment_count' => '0',
'photo_count' => '0',
'photo_count_r' => '0',
'icon_path' => '',
'groups' => '',
'inh_groups' =>
array (
'guest' => '1000',
'show_parameters' => 'default',
'show_parameters_custom_id' => '',
'seq_files' => '1008',
'newest_file_time' => '',
'newest_file_time_with_subdirs' => '',
'show_newest_pictures_count' => '0',
'keywords' =>
array (

I thought it was related to the other topic here, "Slash Attack" but the fix posted there doesn't seem to stop anything. I've tried to upgrade to the newest version... but when I try to upgrade, it doesn't seem to actually 'take' (I upload the files as directed by the doc, and it never 'detects' that it should be upgrading).

I tried replacing just the files that were listed as changed.

How do I fix this? I love phpAlbum, but if I can't get this taken care of, I can't use it any longer...

is this project still

is this project still active? is it time to move on from phpalbum?

Hi, yes, this project is


yes, this project is active, I am just finishing the next version, at least the beta version of it which I will release for testing.

I see you have there some special problem, would be good if i could examine it , could you send me your whole data_directory zipped? and may be a link to your site with your admin password.


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