php header instead of logo image


Is is terribly difficult to edit the main.php to place 'header.php' instead of a logo image? My header also has php within it, which is 'main.php' and is a flash menu bar. I can edit basic code; I didn't see anything I could edit, however, in main.php. I know how to use find and replace if I am just not seeing the spot where I can just plug in a header.

Thank you in advance for any comments or assistance. I should add that my files are loaded and I believe, in the appropriate spot to make it work.

I would check the Themes

I would check the Themes folder.
PhpAlbum(Where you installed it)/Themes/Borders/

Look for the album.tpl.php and edit that.

There should be a few lines but the jist of it is:

<?print $logo;?>

Change the <?print $logo;?> to what you want it to be. There may be other ways but I think this one would work.

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