Access control doesn't work

Hi, I'm new to Phpalbum. It's pretty cool, and I chose it for the users/groups options. It turns out, however, that restricting a gallery to a certain group only works by not showing that gallery to other users. If they know the path to an image in the gallery, they can see it just fine.

I see this as a big problem, and I'll try to do some .htaccess magic if noone has a clever solution handy.

Actually this can not be.

Actually this can not be. This feature was quite good tested. I pretty sure you have some configuration problem with your album. Could you send me your URL and admin password to take a look on that?

Mayby I do have a

Mayby I do have a configuration problem. My folder structure is


When I'm not logged in:
1) If I know the path to a jpg, I can see it.
2) If I know the url main.php?cmd=imageorig&var1=foldername%2Fjpgname, I can see the image.

In the second case, main.php should check my credentials, obviously. But it doesn't seem to be happening. In the first case, the only solution I can see is a .htaccess file which routes the file request through validation. However, no .htaccess files are to be found.

Can you explain how this is supposed to work? Which configuration settings could matter here?


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