Where are we now?

Hey there,

first off, I'd like to say I thoroughly enjoy using your piece of "software". I've been using it for nearly a year now and it's been great. Quite easy to customise and adapt to my wishes.

Anyway, what I really like to know is how is the new version coming along? I've seen some of the features you wanted to implement and I'd really like to see and use them on my website.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. I understand this is a free time project for you and I would understand it if there's still nothing but any bit of news would be appreciated...

Unfortunately I can't really

Unfortunately I can't really say there is big progress on new version. Last few months I did not have that much time for this project. This is a quite big problem on all "one man" projects, even if it is open source.

I'll try to release new version as soon as possible. Hope I can do this at the end of this month. May be this will not be production version but just some release candidate for testing. I will see.

What I can say now, I'll never again begin so much changes on one version release. It is much better to do them step wise and releasing version more often.


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