Automatically create middle sized pictues??


Just installed phpalbum and love the simplicity of it.

But..I have a question: How can I get it to automaticaly create the resized versions of my pictures? What I mean is I have greated a new gallery and when I login into it and click in "middle" size for the picture it take forever, but when done it's there and speedy the next time i look at it.

Can I get this done automatically? So I don't have to manualy click on every picture before sending the link to my parents to go and check my new ablum. Beacuse they would not udnerstand why it would take so long.

So please if any one can just help me understand if this can be done automatically.


Peter V

Hi Peter, In the setup at

Hi Peter,

In the setup at the thumbnails-page you can set the default display-size. Just above the watermark option. Check the option default and that will be the default display-size. Your viewers can change the size by clicking on small or original. You can even disable the other sizes if you want so there is only one size to view.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

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