How to Keep the "Album Thumbnail Navigation Menu" after I click on an IMAGE

First of all I want say a big thanx to Patrik for this good work!!!

I have mod my gallery but I want some more..
I have see this and I want apply this change also in the imageview.tpl.php

I have added <? print $directories; ?> in the script but don't work..

Your help is appreciated, thanks!

Sorry but that is not

Sorry but that is not possible, the variable $directories is filled only if album.tpl.php is displayed. I hope this will be possible in the next version, where I am trying to implement some modular system.

But if you are good in PHP you could try to modify the function theme_generate_album_page in engine.php to fill this variable also in imageview mode.

Good Ideea

When will be this issue fixed?
I am not good in php at all..but if is not such a big deal, why dont you make this :D

Please, when you have time, just make the thumbnails in imageview, because, my visitors are leaving website after they see a few pics..
With the thumbs or the menu in left - or right, they might see something interesting, and they dont leave.

Thanx a lot.!

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