PHP5 <img src=*.php?...> wont resolve

hi all,

i am in the middle of moving a server. i am using the following software:

suse 10.3 64bit, php5.2.6, apache 2.2.4

i am using the phpalbum on one of my domains which you can reach at

if you click on that, you will see the problem immediately. although the graphic files are uploaded to the server, the user rights are set correctly, things like
just wont resolve.none of my pictures are being displayed.

any other domain running on my new server, using php works fine, see f.e.

i am desperate, ive been looking for a solution for days now...
though i am not 100% clear about where the problem could belocated, httpd.conf, of php.ini... gives a little more detail.

my previous server uses suse linux (9.3), with php4 and apache2. there, the album works great.

thank you very much for your support!


I don't think it's a

I don't think it's a php-related problem.

Are you sure you're pointing to the right folders, because I get all broken images. Even when I try to view the picture via the address in the generated html-code I get a broken image.
By clicking on the broken image symbols surrounding the picture I see that they have a file-size of 0 bytes.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

@joep: my config.php is

@joep: my config.php is pointing to the data/ directory, which exists and is 777.

which image (url) are you trying to open?

if you open the url to the image directly, it is being displayed correctly:

if you let the main.php script open it, it is not working:

which is exactly my problem...

any help on that will be very much appreciated...

solved it myseldf. gd for

solved it myseldf. gd for php5 was not installed.

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