suddent error (upgrading from...) !

I have installed version 05 a few days ago.
Eveything was going fine till a few hours ago

Suddently at URL < >
(an "In Memoriam" site... thus not really a joke...)
today november 22, 2008 around 22:00 hour
I got the messages instead of the entry page.

upgrading from:to
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version

and eveything is now down !

This is a serious issue !!!!
If there is a test on the date or some backdoor to look at an external site,
and modify the behaviour,
there is clearly a confidence issue unacceptable in an open source communauty.

Please provide the correction asap and a transparent explanation.
I hope my doubts are not justified.

Prof. Ir Marc Meurrens, Brussels, be


I'm not sure what happend to

I'm not sure what happend to your site, but probably the flat file database is gone corrupt. In your case, phpAlbum "thinks" you will upgrade some older version. This is a kind of bug, when phpAlbum does not have any version information in DB it thinks it is very old and should patch the database up to the newest version.

And no there is no back door :) or something like that ...

Sorry you have that trouble with phpAlbum, but I see you already use some other soft and have had more luck with it ...


Edit: just a quick and dirty solution if somebody has the same problem. You can delete your DB with deleting all files in your data directory. phpAlbum recreates it automatically, but you will loose all your settings an descriptions and so on...

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