Page doesn't really load,
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I've been using phpAlbum for a long time now, but lately it seems to stop working. When I try to go to the main.php to view the album it just shows loading on firefox and then times out after a long time. After playing around a bit, when I remove the picture folder (like rename it) the page then loads fine. There's about 30 sub folders in the pictures folder, and in total 59 MB of pictures (1277 total pictures, all about 100KB or less). Any ideas why it won't load or if there's a problem I'd really appreciate it.


#1 submitted by darkfly on Mon, 2008-11-24 23:20

I've been playing around with it now again for a while, and now the page loads, but every folder is says has no pictures or can't find any, when each folder does have pictures in them. Just a note, all pictures are in .jpg format. Nothing fancy.

#2 submitted by patrik on Tue, 2008-11-25 07:29
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Interesting problem, if you send me (per email) your ftp login and phpAlbum admin login, I could look at this. May be it is some kind of bug, but more likely some configuration problem.

#3 submitted by darkfly on Tue, 2009-01-06 06:42
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I decided to try another type of album, it uses my sql database. As for the old one, I'll leave it up just in case you do find it stopped loading the pictures and why it kept saying it couldn't find any pictures.

Also i noticed when i moved all the pictures over to the database on the new one i just installed (a difference photo album called Zenith) any file names with spaces or just this ' would error out, I'm starting to wonder if that's why the phpAlbum broke on me, though I've been using those file names for years, only lately it broke when i added more pictures, also guessing it might be cause there was more then 1000 pictures to process maybe? idk.

Basically this is a bug/fix is really a low priority.

#4 submitted by patrik on Tue, 2009-01-06 09:24
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I just checked your site (I found your old email with your acccount information). I am not even able to upload som picture to your picture directory. If I look into your data directory, there are some file with your ftp account owner ond some are others, it looks like you have som problem with owner of the files.

Further I looked on your phpinfo page, and it looks like you are using eAccelerator, which should probably improve your php speed. But it can be that this is causing your problems with phpAlbum, as it uses php files to store the data and if eAccelerator caches this then no change of data is possible and so phpAlbum can not work. You could even configure it so it works, or disable caching of php files in your data directory.