Parse error: syntax error


Suddently there is a problem. When I use the Album, and click a specifik folder(2008) I get this error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /hsphere/local/home/daniell1/ on line 389

You can see the album here (try to click 2008 folder):

What have happent, and how do I solve this problem??


I get the same message but

I get the same message but it's on the first page so I can't get in at all.

I deleted the file:

I deleted the file: album_files_1019 in which it said there was an error. That did solve my problem. When it regenerated the file, the error was gone.
I find this gallery unstable. It's not my first problem..
Good luck out there.

Would erasing a single file

Would erasing a single file do it? Great! I used to delete the whole DATA directory and it takes a while to get everything back as I like it.

Yes, the program is a bit unstable, but it's the only one I know who can be installed automatically, so if you don't know where to change the CHKMOD like me (or something like it) it's the only one I can use.

I also disabled the cache, so it's more stable this way, because as soon as the cache is too big (over 2 Mg), the program jams too.

My gallery is at:

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