few small problems

firstly, i just want to say that this is an exceptional piece of free software. when i was searching for something to easily create an online gallery just like this without writing html pages myself, i found your site. it has been most helpful.

however, there are a few problems i've encountered. i'll list them now:

- initially i had a gallery set up for a long time. never had any problems whatsoever... then, at a much later point (i'm talking months later), all of my stored aliases, short and long descriptions for galleries and pictures disappeared inexplicably. this was a great nuisance because of the sheer number of images in the album, it would take such a considerable time to add them all again. i originally started to fill some back in but because my gallery had such a high number of images that i gave up eventually and decided to add the descriptions to the images themselves instead, as graphical text. this would also mean that if the error ever occurred again i wouldn't be screwed.

- recently i lost everything uploaded onto my free web server, while a request to clezr some logs was being carried out. this was veyr annoying, and i had to set about sorting out and uploading everything again. when i put my album back online, i had a hell of a lot more pictures to add. i don't know if there is a limit of the number of galleries or photos that this software can handle but there are just over 1,000 pictures - and just over 200 gallery directories. what i have found with this install and configuration is that the "scan directories now" link in the admin section doesn't work. i get a 500 internal server error message. however, a scan seemed to have still been carried out as 95 of the gallery directories, and all of the images within each were shown. at this point i also added descriptions to just the main 12 out of 15 top-level galleries which i wanted to add a description to (the rest don't need it). i had no problems at all (other than the inability to use the scan directories link, and having some of the gallery directories and all of their photos not appearing in the admin section or on the site. this changed when i checked the site today. at first it appeared the same as before, but now loads of the photos are not showing, i have countless duplicate galleries that have appeared, those few descriptions have disappeared as they did before with the original site, and i still cannot use the directory scan link.

i have no idea what has happened to cause these problems.. whether it is a configuration error, a bug with the software, or something else.

site: tr0ub1es0me.coolinc.info/arch

any help is appreciated.