Black&white Thumbnail

Hey hello,
i like the script!

Is there a way to show the thumbnails in black&white? (grayscale)?

I wish you much succes in programming the next version!

No, there is no way to do

No, there is no way to do this out of the box. But could be nice features in next version. Just don't know what could be the reason for this :)

p.s. I move this thread to the "New Features requests"

I can see a reason for this

I can see a reason for this :) I had an idea that all the thumbnails be in black and white and a note telling viewers that a color photo would come up if they opened the actual picture and black and white might fit with someones theme design. I was also trying to think if there was a way to do this without actually changeing any code with the viewer itself maybe a floating colored layer just to float over the thumbnails to give them the still photo look, but then again im a big dreamer.

As i am thinking about it,

As i am thinking about it, it should be possible to do with CSS. I have already done some experiments with mousover on pictures and changing the brightness of pictures as flying over the thumbnails, but it was somhow too slow. But to make it not changable just B&W, this should be possible without changing the php code, just the css file.


If going the css route is

If going the css route is causeing a slow down then maybe using dhtml to create a floating layer that holds a greyish transparent image that would be placed over the thumbnail area would work and not cause a slow downand the thumbnails would remain B&W this would not fit my theme but I will work on this and if my theory is useable ill put a test page up on my server and send you a link and an explanation on how I acheieved the results wanted.

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