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First released: Mon, 2008-10-27 22:45

Several security bugs and some smaller bugs fixed.

Updated files:

hei~How can I check my

hei~How can I check my version of phpalbum that I've install?

Submittal of a fix for a known problem

I may have a "fix" for a known problem; site slowness.
I experienced MAJOR slowness when I installed phpalbum, to the point that I used the webinstall, but nothing fixed it.

I realized that everytime that I reloaded a page on phpalbum, there was a constant delay (about 20 seconds), and that reminded me of an other bug when IP addresses would not resolve (dns lookup).

So, knowing that, I disabled logging in phpalbum, and the problem was instantly solved. If my IP address resolved (dns lookup), the problem would not be there, but since my IP didn't, the problem appeared.

Hope that helps.


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