Can I change Logo?


Thanks for a nice PHP album!
I just wondering about the logo, can I change the logo to my own?
I edited logo.png but it is still the logo :\


lol, I found it now. Thanks

lol, I found it now.

Thanks for a very good and usefull picture album!

Could you tell me where?

When In change the logo.png, still the PHPAlbum logo is shown.

Thank you in advance!

When I use "Border" the logo

When I use "Border" the logo is not shown, but when I use "Flowing_Dark" the is well shown. Could someone help me with this so the logo is also shown by "Border"?

Sorry fot the three posts,

Sorry fot the three posts, but the logo is shown now. I don't know the exact solution. I tried some thing with the styles and at once there was the logo.

Date problem?

No problem, could i ask you when you posted this topic, as there is 29.4.2006 as a date, and i can not remember why i did not answer you ... Looks like something is wrong with that date or i just did not noticed this topic a month ago?

Go to the setup section and

Go to the setup section and delete there the cache of phpAlbum (Delete Cache). If you didn't change the filename of png, program gets just the cached picture.

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