Blank page after 6 mos

Installed phpAlbum in December and have had no problems until Sept 3 per the log file. Now simply shows a blank screen. I own server so no changes have been done there and other phpAlbums are still working on the same server.

Can you advise where to start trouble shooting?

Thank you for your help. It is appreciated.

I mean, blank page with only

I mean, blank page with only one instance of phpAlbum where other works is really curious... May be you could send me your zipped Data directory, I can look at it if it is data problem. Actually it must be data problem if other albums are working. Do you have many users on albums or is it rather a private album with few users?
Which systems are you using, Win or Linux, Apache or IIS. Are there some automatic updates on system which could change your configuration?

Sent db

I sent the database, but have not heard anything back. Did you receive the db?

Hey, I just looked on your

Hey, I just looked on your DB-Files, and found out that your file album_directory.php is empty. No idea how it can happen, but this is the reason why you get blank page. The easiest way to correct it is to delete all files in your data directory and reload your page. But be aware that all your settings you did on it before will be lost.
Other way would be to recover the file from some backup if you have one.


Thank you

Thank you for looking at it.

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