Adding comment box to graphics

Is there a way to add comments to the graphics?

to explain

I will like to be able to describe the image to the people that are browsing my website. is there a way to incorporate a description? i activated the comments box and I like the idea of it. However, I don't want people to comment, instead I want the description of the image. Is there a way?

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Picture description

Yes it is possible. You can do this in "directories" section of setup.
After going there you can click on the directory where are the pictures you want to describe. And then you will aleready see that. You can make a short description visible under thumbnails and long description where also HTML can be included visible by image view.


Picture comment

I went to the setup section and I activated the comments and the show image name. However, I will like to be able to writte descriptions for every image, sort of like the one used for the comments. Can you tell me where I need to make the adjustment?

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There is short and long

There is short and long picture description. Short description is displayed under thumbnails instead of filenames. Long description only under images in imageview. To enter this descriptions you have to go to "directories" setup section and click on the directory (yes,directory names are links:) where the pictures are you want do describe. You should get list of pictures and fields where you can post the descriptions ( you can also use html tags there, for example to get line break or some other html things )

hmm ... i see now, i already typed this before ... now i am not sure what you mean...

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