i see .php and .lck files in album

Hi, can u tell me please why i see in my albums .php and .lck file automatically generated by phpalbum?

Can u help me please?

Can u help me please?

RE:Can u help me please?

i don't know what actually is happening in your case.
Please give detailed info.
And by the way are you sure the .php file is created by phpAlbum?

-phpAlbum will display a thumbnail of all the files on tht particular directory. So if u have created the .php file, remove it from there.

-Try renaming the .php file int the directory and check your gallery if its malfunctioning.

-try creating another directory and check if the same things repeats(Scan for directories after creating -using the interface provided by phpAlbum).

-Try cleaning the cache using the admin interface provided by phpAlbum

Anooj Narvekar


i also have these files in my photo root directory and they are automatically visible in album. this doesnt look great. everytime i add or change some picture, new lck or php file is created. actually i have 24 php files and 24 lck files. possibly i just need to cancel the visibility of these files when they are created, is there any easy way to do it?

I found solution

I found solution here:

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