Album part of the site loads slowly

I'd like to start to say, that I think this is a great project, it works like a charm and was easy to install, thanks!

I do have a few bugs to report, hopefully this can make it even better.

After a request for any page in the album part of the site, the site hangs for about 8 seconds before showing the page. This happens all the time at any page in the album part (even the one with just the album index on it). I didn't experience this on the demo album, so it might be a configuration problem. My server should be good enough its a P4 3Ghz with 2GB, running ubuntu server edition with apache2 and php5. My photo directory consists of 2 subdirs, one with 250 fotos and one with 40, 3MB for each foto. If it helps you I'll privately mail you the url of my album or any other information you need.

ALso I noticed the system check in the album gives a blank page.
When I changed the data and or cache directory setting in the main setup to a non existing directory it would return to the album on submit and didn't save the other settings.

Also I'm getting a few warnings in my logs:
08/08/30 13:51:15 array_slice() [function.array-slice]: The first argument should be an array
/phpalbum/main.php (Line:980)
08/08/30 13:51:15 Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
/phpalbum/main.php (Line:981)

Another thing I am wondering about, for the data and cache directory, you should advince to have them somewhere outside the document root of the http server. If I'm not mistaken then its also safe to a predictable data directory name (at least safe from people trying to use the http server to access it, probably not from people a shell access to the server)