ftp directory problems

Hi There,
Just installed phpAlbum and am having probs setting up the ftp for uploading photos.
I have put in all relevant details.
ftp address, ftp photo directory username and password and get back
"unable to change to directory /homepages/xx/xxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/gallery/photos/ on ftp server"
I have set up files and gave them all the correct permissions.
Anyone know what the problem might be??
Thank you

same problem as above,

same problem as above, fairly sure this is configured okay. would be nice to have this functionality as its vital for my users and my sanity, i dont want to show folk how to use FTP !

Re: ftp directory problems

You will get this error message if changing to this directory on ftp server fails. It can be not existing directory or some permission problem. Please check the directory setting for some tipping errors or additional whitespaces. After that try some ftp program and try to change to this directory as you have in setting with cd command, this should be possible ( login with the same ftp user as in phpalbum).

If nothing helps you could send me the link to your page, setup password and ftp login, i could take a look on this ...


it was a directory path problem

thanks for fixing the above problem patrik, i had the wrong directory path and didnt think to try changing it.

i took the full path to 'myphoto_album' from my web providers website. BUT i didnt realise that when i was logged in to 'setup' i was already most of the way down this myphoto_album path before i tried to login to photos administrator:

full path -

half path that was needed -

so, yes, i couldn't change to the full path directory because i told phpAlbum to look in the wrong place..

(: really nice wee app you've made here, and good to see it developing :)


Same problem getting through the upload manager bit

I received the message "Unable to change to directory /phpAlbum/Album/" Can you help please?

ERROR: Unable to create directory!

I want to compliment you on a wonderful program , I have searched the www for a easy to use & setup since I am a newbe in useing these type programs. Im hoping that maybe you can explain this error in simple english. I am trying to use your installer for the ftp.Every thing goes just fine in the upload and then I get this error message.
unable to create directory. Im thinking its something very simple but I have no idea what it is. I am using Filezilla for my ftp and my web account is a free account from Bravenet. Like I said im a very new newbe when it comes to these type programs. Would you please email me at ladypris1@comcast.net or post your anwser here.

Thank you in advance for helping me.

Fix for "Unable to create directory!" problem under freeBSD

php 4.4.2
freeBSD 5.3

FOund it would not change directory with the period inserted at the end of the directory as hardcoded
(around line 2183 of main.php)

Removing the period ie.
Fixed the issue for me.

NOTE there are several other lines in main.php using the ftp_chdir function and all of them insert this period at the end.

Hi! Thank you for sharing

Thank you for sharing this with us! I will have to make some tests, especially why i made this. Not sure but probably this was easier as deleting the last "/" character :) And freeBSD is quite often used on servers.

ftp problem "unable to create directory"

Dear all, I've found the highlighted problem but not in the main.php, I've found it in setup.php around lines 900-1100. As for your hint I've changed and saved but.....nothing has changed! I have controlled all the permissions and everything is OK.
I don't know what I have to do to solve this problem, I've searched in all the files but without result

please give me a little help

thank you very much for your cooperation

I've tried to use an ftp

I've tried to use an ftp program and everything works right, I've also tried from phpAlbum to upload a picture and it's OK, it means that the directory link is correct....please help me....

Another FTP Problem

Hai Fooks,

I made a special FTP-account for the people who can submit Photo's. The FTP account points to a Special Map for that User. This map is outside the Photoalbum and doesn't point to the Photomaps.

Then I get this message:

Ftp-server photos directory points to another directory not to the photos

Isn't it possible to change this? I don't wan't people to Upload direct to the Photo's for security reasons.

Greetings, Joep

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