Limited thumbnail creation capability with 1and1

Wanted to post this as it would have saved me some time. If you are using shared Linux hosting with 1and1 internet at least with the home account, then you will have limited capability to create thumbnails with this or any other package using GD2.

I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out why only my small pictures would generate thumbnails and changing the memory limits didn't seem to make any difference then I finally looked in the 1and1 manuals.

1and1 limits the PHP memory usage to 20MB regardless of the setting in php.ini. I changed my limit in php.ini to 200MB and it shows that way in phpinfo but it didn't make any difference.

I tried another php utility and it had the same issue converting thumbnails.

Now I'm going to have to either find another host or figure out a way to reduce the image size after I've posted it.

I'm looking into a Perl script to scan the directory for images then run a standalone program outside of php to generate the thumbnails and just bypass the php thumbnail generation.

I personally resize pictures

I personally resize pictures before upload to 900x900. PA is then much faster in creating thumbnails and uploading is faster too.

That's an option

Resizing pictures is an option I'm considering. Unfortunately one of my intended uses was to share the full size images with family so I want the full size images there anyway and would have to modify the scripts to pick up the full size images.

I'm thinking about seeing if I can write a Perl utility to generate the thumbnails and then upload so the phpAlbum software doesn't have to do it.

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