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Hi, I've got the script working fine, thanks for making it available :)
I have a gallery with avatars, and a lot are animated. Now i'd like thumbnail & viewed animated gif's to animate. They're all freezed at the first frame now.
Is there a way to have them animated?
I've created a view that is the exact size of the avatar 'cause i suspect they won't animate after resize?

In relation to that, is there an (easy) way to add more views to the three that are there now?


Yes this is known issue. As

Yes this is known issue. As far as i know, animated gifs are not supported by GD2 Library of PHP. There are some other ways to do this with extern tools like ImageMagick, may be in some of the next versions ...

Regarding your second question, what do you mean with "more views to the three", do you mean the 3 resolutions? If yes there is till now no easy way to do this, but the new version will support as many "views" as you need and will be more customizable ...

okay, good to know,

okay, good to know, thanks.
i did mean the three resolutions.

looking out for future versions ;)

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