cache confusion

Hello -

I have three things I can't figure out, and they all seem to be cache related.

1. I replaced the "No pictures found" image (res/nopic.png) with a new one "Coming Soon". I've clicked the "Scan directories now" many times, and two weeks later, it still shows the original image.

2. Sometimes I tweak a photo and then reload it. However, the old version of the image and thumbnail still appear after scanning the directory. I even delete the file on my server and reload the new image, yet the old one appears. The only way to get it to work is to delete the old file, and rename the new one. This isn't a good option, as people may have already linked to the photo or sent a greeting card.

3. I have two versions of one directory showing in the main page. One is using the alias I created, the other is not. I checked the directories on the remote and there is only one folder there. Where is this second image coming from, and how do I get rid of it?


Clear the cache in

Clear the cache in "Setup->Cache options", you will solve the problem #1 and #2

Sometimes I had similar problem as your problem #3 but did not found out how to solve that. Only option was to delete the data directory ( you will actually reinstall PA-Database and so loose all settings you did before ) or you can mark that suspicious directory as invisible in setup.

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