Save Configuration problem when adding\changing descriptions

Hi :-)

I reinstalled phpalbum, and decided to continue using the picture descriptions. In some galleries, when we add the descriptions to the pictures and click on Save Configuration, we are redirected to the main 'Picture' page in the setup (and no gallery is selected), or we are redirected to the photoalbum itself, in stead of returning to the picture gallery which you were editing in the setup. The changes in the gallery are not saved.

The same happens if we want to have a certain picture as the thumbnail for that gallery.

This happens pretty random, and there doesn't seem to be anything indicating that this is because of something strange in the name of the gallery for example USA - New York (Sep 07). Before the reinstallation of Photoalbum we didn't had any problems with exactly the same setup. Some galleries seem to go ok, but others (and we suspect the more pictures, less the chance is it works, altough we have a max of 100 pics per gallery) we just can't save the configuration.

Any ideas? :-)

May be your max_post_size is

May be your max_post_size is too small. Do you have now the same version of phpAlbum as before?

Do you get some errors in error log of phpAlbum or apache?

These are the two errors in

Figured it out

in your php.ini, set:

gd.jpeg_ignore_warning = 0

in the [gd] block the restart apache.

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