urgent: album won't load

I've been using the album for several months, and have only had one issue the entire time.

Today, however, the alum will not load, either in the visitor view or the admin view. The browser tries to load it for awhile, and then gives up.

I don't know where to begin to trouble shoot.

I have uploaded a couple thousand pictures in the last several days, but it was working fine after the latest upload.

I really would like to get this back up and running ASAP as there are many people coming to the site who would rather see their photo than a blank page.

I talked to my host, and they said that main.php is spawning something (processes?) and the load has brought the site to a halt. At this point, none of my site will load.

Can you help?


That is bad, can you look in

That is bad, can you look in your data directory if there are some files which are very large?

If not, could you zip your data directory (where album_*.php files are stored) and send it to me, I could check if there is some problem.

Or you could send me your login info to your site and to your FTP server where your site is stored ... It does not matter if you have many thousands pictures, they only should not be in one directory ...


Hi Patrik- Thank you for

Hi Patrik-

Thank you for your help. My host got it back up, and here's what their support said:

"Basically what needed to be done was to stop the apache process for a little while to let the server calm down. Once we did that things started back up like normal.

/album/main.php is what

was running in numerous instances bogging the server down."

The biggest file is the error log, which is 1016kb. There are 17 other files that range from 105 kb to 550 kb.

I didn't realize until now that it is better to have a separate data folder. Which files should I move, and where should I move them without losing stats and comments?

Unfortunately there is no

Unfortunately there is no easy way to move data or photos without loosing descriptions and comments.

But it is possible. Here how you can do it, but be aware if you make any mistake you will loose your data. The main clue by this is to make phpAlbum to believe that nothing was changed.

So let say you have your data and photos in one directory data/. And you will separate them. You can create new directory photos/. Move all photos with subdirectories from data/ to photos/. Than go to the Setup->Main setup and change photos directory to photos/. It will automatically rescan the directories, but because the photos and all directories are there, nothing will be deleted only the timestamps of the files will be updated.

Please make backup of your datafiles before this. I never tested it before, may be you could test it with some separate installation of phpAlbum where you could simulate it ...


What about this: 1. Make a

What about this:

1. Make a backup of data files.
2. Create a new directory called data
3. Change the path to data_dir in config.php from "photos" to "data"
4. From the control panel, click "Scan Directories now"

Seems like that would fix things. if it didn't, then

1. Copy all datafiles from "photos" to "data"
2. "Scan directories now"

And finally, if this still didn't work, then change the path in config.php back to the original path, and give up. Everything would be back as it was, with all counts and comments intact.

What do you think?

It thought things were fine,

It thought things were fine, but my hosting company shut down my vps today because main.php was launching many processes. At the last restart of apache, in only a couple of minutes, there were 8 prcesses for it, each taking up 15-20% of my cpu.

So now, I asked them to rename the script so it wouldn't run anymore so at least the rest of my site wouldn't crash.

When you get back here, I'll send you the login info if the offer still stands.


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