Problem with album_files_xxxx when changing them


First of all, thanks for this wonderful software! Great job! :-)

We have some photogalleries, and we use the short\long description with all pictures. We had some problems with our website a couple of days ago so I had to get the descriptions back from the backed up album_files_xxxx. When I overwrite the album_files_xxxx with the backed up version (I changed the xxxx number to the right album number inside the file according to the album_directory.php, and in the filename, because the galleries have different ID's now), I do get both the descriptions back in the right albums, but it seems like it messes up the permissions for the file. Afterwards I can't change the descriptions in the PHPalbum setup anymore.

The data folder is set to 777, the files underneath it are by default 644. If I change the album_files to 777, it does work. I am just wondering if I should continue doing this, or that there is a better way of getting the descriptions back. Everything but typing it in manually :-)



I just found out that if I copy all the album_files, it goes ok now, but as soon as I do the 'scan directories' I lose all the descriptions of the pictures. As if it clears all the album_files when you use that option...

Hi, the data files has to be


the data files has to be writable for phpAlbum, in most cases the owner of the files should be wwwdata or wwwrun or something like that, it is the user under which Apache is running.

If you change the owner, for example with restoring data from some backup, you must make them writable for phpAlbum with either changing the owner to the right owner or changing the permissions as you said.

BTW. the most perfect way to not loose picture descriptions is to store them in JPEGs with IPTC caption and headline, which are then automatically imported by phpAlbum. You can use for this some Graphics software which supports IPTC like Photoshop, Irfanview or something else.




Thanks for the fast response! I will store the descriptions in the JPEGS as you said from now on, so if anything happens with the server again it is easier to create a backup. I didnt know you could store so much information in a JPEG, so I learned something new.

Maybe an idea for future releases, some kind of backup system for the stored data in PHPAlbum? :-)

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