Pathproblems: <? print $image_view_link; ?>

Hello together!

I really have to say that this gallery is nearly the best and most simple to use script I found in the whole web.
There is just one thing which is causing a little trouble for me:

I did the lightbox hack and it works perfectly. The problem is that I would like to show the EXIF informations of the pictures, too.
But with the hack cmd=imageview is changed into cmd=image and so the <? print $image_view_link; ?> gets the path to the pure foto.
What I would need is the possibility for a variable which contains the link to the pure foto and another one which contains the path to the imageview. So I could use the pure imagelink for the lightbox and I could create another link to the imageview page with the EXIF Informations.

Would there be the possibility for me to do this?

Thanks a lot for your help!


You could for example link

You could for example link the thumbnail to lightbox, and the description under the thumbnail to show it in normal phpAlbum imageview mode ... you only have to edit thmb.tpl.php to work this way.

That would be great, but my

That would be great, but my Problem is that I have to change the cmd=imageview into cmd=image to get the lightbox to work.

So I change this everywhere in the main.php

So if I call this then in the thumbs.tpl.php it everytime uses the changed path. I cant say that I want the script to use the command cmd=image and if I use trhe Link under the picture then I want it to use cmd=imageview.
Or do I see this wrong? I am not that good in such things!



There is a PHP variable

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