Error and site does not load

When I try to go to my site I get this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /home/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/ : runtime-created function on line 1

Fatal error: Function name must be a string in /home/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/ on line 679

My site was working fine and just a few days ago this error appeared.

This is quite bad problem,

This is quite bad problem, could you send me your zipped data directory, I assume your database is corrupt, may be I could repair it ...

Fast solution would be to delete all files in data directory, but you will loose all your settings you did in Setup including photo descriptions if they are not stored as IPTC tags....

What data directory are you

What data directory are you talking about? The MySQL database? or are you talking about the data_5f39d2fd folder?

Ok, I know what happen. My

Ok, I know what happen. My database got deleted somehow. Is there any way I can install the script again and just setup the database but not have to upload all my images again? All the images are still in the photo folder it was just my mysql database that was lost.

Yes, just delete all files

Yes, just delete all files in that data directory and phpAlbum will install it again, then you have set up the photos and cache directory in Setup->MainSetup menu. You do not have to reinstall phpAlbum, just do this steps as you would install it ....

error in opening album

upgrading from:to
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version

Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'lang/' (include_path='.:') in XXXXXXXXXx/mublapp/language.php on line 7

This is what show when I open the main page.
Anyone can repair or it's better to reinstall all?
Do the users have to re-register? Is there any way to keep their registrations, username and password and not make them have to register again??

I didn't update anything, I don't know why I am getting those "upgrading" messages.
My site was working yesterday before I went to sleep and this mornig was like this. I can't understand.
Please help me!

Error and site does not load

My site was working 10 minutes ago then I got this:

upgrading from:to
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version

Now, that's all I get.

I've replaced the whole program 2 weeks ago and I really don't know what else to do.

im gettin the same

im gettin the same error...anybody can help here ??? hello?!

please :)


I have the same thing here!

I have the same thing here! I didn't update anything.
My site was working a few days ago.
Please help!


Hello Patric
If I may offer some suggestion:
1.Please remove the voting option if it is not functional (Have been waiting a long time for you to make it work)
2. Please work in some way to password protect galleries without the registering option in the log in - it seems to be a useless option and ads nothing to your potentially great script.
3. A slide show option would be a nice boost.
4. And the most important is your F.A.Q. - Please give as much detail as is practical so that we can work out issues of individual functions of your setup options - it would save you a great deal of time and effort in not having to reply to so many questions and request.
You should also explain that once you upload new photos to galleries, you must press Scan directories now!to have photos appear right away in their respective folders.
I have more suggestions but I don't want your eyes to glaze over by being too pushy, I am sure you must get this a great deal.
Keep up the great work!!

Hello digitalvision :) I'm

Hello digitalvision :)

I'm always thankful if somebody gives me suggestions, as the whole phpAlbum design and development is based on these suggestions.

Now to your suggestions:

1. Yes this is quite a big mistake, but in the next version there is already voting so removing it would not help it now, may be I should do it in actual version until I release the new one.

2. The 0.3.x versions of phpAlbum had this feature, and only this, and everybody wanted user management. Now everybody wants the password again, including me :), it is on TODO, will be probably in next version.

3. Is on my TODO, may be I should publish it so everybody sees what will be implemented end when ...

4. Yes, the FAQ is old, very old and incomplete. But there is a search function and so many answers in Forum so I was feeling FAQ is not very important, most people does not even read the Documentation (which is really not long) and there is this thing with "Scan directories" too (but you are right I should probably put it in Installation documentation too). Most people asks before using search function if they have problem. But you are right again here FAQ should be much better.

So if you have more suggestion, do not hesitate to put it here, it is no problem if you thing it is too much, it helps me to make phpAlbum better :)


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