Thumbnails and albums have disappeared

First of all, I have done nothing to the files since the last time it has worked. All I have done to try to fix it so far was to delete the 27,000+ images in the cache directory.

Also, all images are still on the server.

That said, here are some symptoms:

From the browser:

1. The main index page, which used to be thumbnails is now mostly a collection of "No pictures found"

2. The names under these boxes sometimes are used once. In some cases, there are more than one with the same name.

3. Out of 43 boxes, 5 are actually thumbnails.

4. Clicking on a thumbnail displays the album it is supposed to show. Clicking a "No pictures found' box yields a blank page.

On the gallery page, the dropdown for Galleries shows 11 instances of (/)

some sub directories are duplicated, some are not.

No Images

I cannot figure out what is wrong, I have gone through the set-up and looked at everything.

Pictures can be seen in the root directory in all sizes (thumbnails, small, medium and original), but in sub-directories pictures can only be seen in original. I checked directories and they have the same rights as the root directory. All pictures are the same type (jpg), the size of pictures are the same size as the pictures in the root directory. I have scanned directory multiple times. I have deleted the pictures and put them back.

What am I missing?

After writing this, I

After writing this, I thought of another test. I uploaded one of the pictures to the root directory and it cannot seen as well. I have no idea what it is about these pictures it does not like or fix it?

P.S. I cannot get the upload manager to work. Separate ftp clients work

Could you send me one of

Could you send me one of that pictures? May be it is some kind of JPEG which is not supported by GD2 Library of PHP.

Try to open that JPG in some picture editor and save it again if it helps.

Picture request

I didn't have your email so I sent the picture as bug report. The pictures I am having trouble with are untouched from the camera. If I open the picture in program and resave it, then there is no problem. If a modified picture would help I could send one of those as well.

Picture size

I believe the issue is pixel size. Just opening the picture in a picture editor and saving does not help. I had to resize it to something smaller first.

Then you have to raise your

Then you have to raise your memory limit for PHP. You can change it in php.ini

I tried your JPEG you send me, and it works ok on my server.

How High?

I increased 3 settings by at least 50%, what should I the setting at?
Here are what the setting are now
memory_limit = 48M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (16MB) (was 32)

post_max_size = 12M (was 8M)

upload_max_filesize = 12M was 2M
I restarted the apache (v2) webserver after making the change as well

I am still having the problem.

It is memory limit, you

It is memory limit, you should count at least 4 times of how much pixels has the picture, 48M should be I think enough at least for 10Mpix pictures. You can try just what is the minimum where it works, every time you have to delete the cache in browser and in phpAlbum (Setup->Cache settings). On my server I have 65M and until now it was enough for every picture I tried ...


Thanks, it never occurred to me to look at memory setting. I upped the memory setting from 48 to 65 and it now works. I would suggest adding this requirement (change in the notes)

P.S. Where do I have to make the change for e-cards to have the right webserver? When I send one, the email has as website in the link to goto. If I manually change the server to my own it works. I searched the scripts and found two files (install_db.php)and changed everything there and no luck.

Look in Setup->E-Cards :),

Look in Setup->E-Cards :), there you can change the messages...

Ok, obvious solutions not

Ok, obvious solutions not allowed! Thanks and sorry for dumb question

Thumbnails and albums have disappeared

I have the exact same problems as billwill and the problem started just today. I have a whole page of errors in the errorlog. Most of them are this line:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

Others say "Directory lock" or "directory.php.lock"

How am I to unlock this?

I've lost half of my album and got it back!

I had the same thing as Bill and the only thing I did to get all my albums in order was to go by FTP and change the names of the main albums, then "scan directories" and they all came back, even the sub-albums.

I have no idea what happened, but since it's okay now, I don't mind.

I still get errors

I changed the album names and now I see all albums and pics, but I still get errors in the errorlog, so the problem is patched but not fixed.

What I get is:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

and this one:

array_slice() [function.array-slice]: The first argument should be an array

If I knew what line or word to add in the main.php page to correct this, it would be great.


I noticed the 2 errors come in every time I log in as an Admin, no error when the Gallery is viewed by our members or other visitors.

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